Uguu is a simple lightweight temporary file host with support for drop, paste, click and API uploading.
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# Uguu
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# What is Uguu?
Uguu is a simple lightweight temporary file hosting and sharing platform, but can also be used as a permanent file host.
## Features
- One click uploading, no registration required
- A minimal, modern web interface
1 year ago
- Drag & Drop & Paste supported
- Upload API with multiple response choices
- Text
- Supports [ShareX]( and other screenshot tools
### Demo
See the real world site at [](
7 years ago
## Requirements
6 years ago
5 months ago
Tested and working with Nginx + PHP-8.0/8.1 + SQLite/MySQL.
5 months ago
Node is used to compile Uguu, after that it runs on PHP.
## Installation
Installation and configuration can be found at [Uguu Documentation](
If you need a admin panel check out [Moe Panel](
2 years ago
## Docker
For Docker read [this guide](
## Getting help
2 years ago
Hit me up at [@nekunekus]( or email me at
6 years ago
5 months ago
## Contributing
We'd really like if you can take some time to make sure your coding style is
consistent with the project. Uguu follows [PHP
PSR-12]( and [Airbnb JavaScript
(ES5)]( (`airbnb/legacy`)
coding style guides. We use ESLint and PHPCS tools to enforce these standards.
You can also help by sending us feature requests or writing documentation and
The Uguu repo has changed home and now resides at [Pomf Git](
## Credits
7 years ago
Uguu is based on [Pomf]( which was written by Emma Lejack & Go Johansson (nekunekus) and with help from the open source community.
## License
5 months ago
Uguu is free software, and is released under the terms of the GPL-3.0 license. See