Admin panel for Uguu and Pomf.
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Moe Panel

Admin panel for Uguu and Pomf which makes it easier to remove and blacklist files.


  • Information about number of files uploaded & storage used.
  • Search files uploaded by hash/filename/etc.
  • Blacklist or delete files.
  • Blacklist or delete all files related to IP.
  • Search and manage blacklist database.

More features such as settings will come in a later release.


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First of all you will need a working Uguu/Pomf installation set up, after that it's rather easy.

You need to run the latest version of Uguu/Pomf for this panel to work since it introduced some DB changes!

Clone the repo

git clone

Edit the moepanel/static/php/ file


//define('MOE_DB_CONN', 'mysql:unix_socket=/tmp/mysql.sock;dbname=pomf');
define('MOE_DB_CONN', 'sqlite:/path/to/your/uguu/or/pomf/db.sq3');

 * PDO database login credentials

/** @param string POMF_DB_NAME Database username */
define('MOE_DB_USER', null);
/** @param string POMF_DB_PASS Database password */
define('MOE_DB_PASS', null);

 * 'MOE_ROOT' - Root location for the Moe Panel
 * 'FILES_ROOT' - Location where uploaded files for Uguu/Pomf are stored
 * 'PU_NAME' - Pomf/uguu instance name
 * 'PU_ADDRESS' - Pomf/uguu address/[sub]domain
 * 'PU_URL' - URL where Pomf/Uguu serves files from
 * 'MOE_URL' - URL for Moe Panel
define('MOE_ROOT', '/var/www/moepanel/');
define('FILES_ROOT', '/var/www/files/');
define('PU_NAME', 'Uguu');
define('PU_ADDRESS', '');
define('PU_SERVE_URL', '');
define('MOE_URL', '');

Edit gen_pw.php and replace YOURPASSWORDHERE with a password of your liking.

echo $lol;

then execute the file and copy the output.

php gen_pw.php

Run make

cd /path/to/moe

Insert your user into your DB.

sqlite3 /var/www/db/your_pomf_db.sq3

Then configure your webserver and PHP to serve from dist/ and you're good to go!